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DCC'S mission is to support our communities' small businesses with affordable and effective digital marketing solutions that enhance their presence, empower them to take control of their digital marketing, and save them time and money through self-administrative platforms. 

Creative Process

Creative Process


DCC works with you to understand your goals and your target audience to identify the best solutions..

 Development process always includes your input.

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Testing  ensures functionality and responsiveness.

Training with ongoing support  gives you control and saves you time & money.


Results are measured, to determine successes and identify improvements.

Our Story

Having an online presence is not only a necessity, but an extension of your brand, products, and services. Engaging and responsive websites, targeted emails, and a strong social media presence should work together to shape how your business is perceived. DCC realizes that navigating online tools can be a daunting, time consuming task when you have important business to conduct, and working with a creative agency or developer can be costly. That’s why solutions by DCC are the perfect fit for your small business. DCC will work with you to understand your goals and create engaging and responsive communications that showcase your business all while building a foundation that puts you in control.

Our Values

Empowerment. We empower small businesses to succeed in the digital world. Collaborate. We believe that collaboration is key to achieving success. Create. We are passionate about creating innovative and effective digital solutions. Simplify. We strive to simplify the complex world of digital communications for our clients.


Dedicated to the Marketing & Communications field for over 20 years, owner, Dee Cinque, has been fortunate to accumulate a wide-ranging skill set across several different industries and has mastered multiple marketing disciplines. After several years of building and managing small but impactful websites as side projects, DCC is branching out to help more small business owners take control of their online communications.



From basic business websites to storefronts and directories, DCC will build an effective website that is fully self-administrative, aligns with your business goals, is responsive, and SEO optimized.

Content Creation

With DCC’s experience in building results-driven, user-centric communications, we will work to develop relevant content that showcases your products and services, so you can expand your selling capabilities and enhance customer communications.

Email Marketing

Every email communication is an opportunity to build your brand and engage the audience – whether you’re selling products & services to prospective customers or sending a bill to existing customers.

Training & Ongoing Support

It's time to take control. DCC will train you on your new platform, so you can fully embrace your new online communications without the hassle of agency timelines and saving you hundreds of dollars in agency fees. 

Social Media

DCC will help you identify the most suitable social media and set up your accounts.


DCC provided clients with analytics that help them track their digital communications performance and provide actionable insights that help our clients make informed decisions.

DCC's Projects
saving small business owners like you thousands of dollars in agency fees while generating the results they need. 

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